Cruises Through Arkansas- Highway 22 –

From Russellville on highway 7, across the Arkansas river and head into a small river town by the name Dardnelle, the city had that old-fashioned and picturesque charm to it. Right as soon as I got off the bridge, i took an immediate right and cruised through a neighborhood. I set my speed to thirty miles per hour and eventually wound up at this stop sign connecting to highway 22. I took a left and merged into the traffic, and just my cruise control to get a better view of the surrounding terrain.

I had an incredible view of the lake to my right side, and barely any traffic in sight just a laid back and welcoming road. I eventually fell out of yell county and onto Logan county. I passed through a small town of Delaware and saw some people fixing up an old shop, the town was so small there were only two shops and both were not up and running to say the least. Before I knew it i was out of Delaware. I decided to go exactly six miles and then to just to turn around and head back to campus. I just cruised through, not going to particularly fast, and no the slowest either. Just meandering down the river valley road, i hit the town of New Blaine when i hit my six miles. IO ended up at a Mom’n’Pop type restaurant called The “Dinner Bucket”, well i was feeling Hungary anyways, and since i was surveying the land anyways why not survey the food too? I stepped out of my truck and walked near the entrance, there was basset hound just lounging on a rocking chair. I opened the doors to the restaurant, and immediately went for a menu, the prices were so reasonable! I could afford to eat like a king for lunch so i ordered a long compiled list to sample all their wares. I had to wait almost thirty minutes, because they make their own burgers(but it was worth the weight). The Little Restaurant had the perfect Backwoods Arkansas theme to it, and the workers and cooks were friendly. People all from the little quaint community were running in and out of the store. When my food was finally prepared the cook had to get a box and put all my food in it, and because i was on the go. I got back to my truck with all the food, and just broke down and ate like half of it. The food was amazing and took me by surprise. It had the perfect mix of everything, almost as if they used a secret ingredient or a secret sauce.,+AR+72834/@35.2952599,-93.3686253,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x87cc4b0f246704fd:0xd483e54065217c3a



Lunchtime at Tech

The air was thick with precipitation, and the sky looked bleak. I was making my usual rounds of the day and stomping off at the Ross pendegraft library to get my homework out of the way for the day. After immersing myself almost two hours into a computer screen i stepped out and took a walk around the school in the rainy atmosphere and to really get some fresh air. The campus grounds were bustling in intervals, students were making their way to class, and people were going to lunch, at all 360 angles there were people walking in all sort of directions. Lunch time is a busy time for tech, its a bad time to be leaving school, because the roads become a temporary parking block. The campus was vibrant and I had the sudden impulse to get coffee and pizza, and before i could grab the door, someone had already held it open for me. Which is another unique feature of tech(and probably many schools i Arkansas) people are always willing to open doors for you. You can tell if someone goes to tech just by the way they open a door for someone, people are polite here for the most part unless you give someone a reason not to be polite to you. Well i walk through the crowded halls of the cafeteria, walk up to the desk swipe my card and immediately head for the pizza, then i grab a cup of coffee.


The Toughest Audience

To much surprise, A professor at any local or state university can have a backbreaking job. Setting up a curriculum, typing up tests and then grading them, and structuring lectures, only to have to stand in front of an un-responsive class. With no defibrillators, the professor TRIES to bring the class to life.I have learned through my college experience that the toughest audience anyone(especially professors) can face is a un caring class of awkwardly quiet college students. The mere silence itself packs a pretty mean bite and can very discouraging to any who face a tough audience.

My first experience in a college classroom was a survey class of American History, as soon as i stepped through the doors the eerie silence hit me in the face. No one was talking, laughing, or even whispering, the class was just devoid of life. I noticed everyone had this uninviting expression on their face to ward off any would be conversationalist. The professor walked in and suddenly asks the class “How are you all today?”. No one answered, like maybe they were unsure how they were feeling or maybe they had to think about it for a minute. I didn’t answer either because the pure shock of the bizarre atmosphere. The professor just shrugged it off and thought nothing much of it and resumed class. The quiet classroom did not offer much confidence for me to answer any questions the professor would routinely ask through out the semester.

This only raises an interesting question, why do we this? Why don’t we add to the conversation in the classroom? Why don’t some of us never leave our comfort zone and speak up? Is Agoraphobia contagious???

I know dang well that No one is a fan of public speaking(except fans of public speaking), and not everyone is good at public speaking. We all have different reasons to be quiet maybe its the fact that you might not know anyone in your class, maybe we just want to be seen not heard, or we didn’t come prepared to class. But if you are willing and able, you (yes you) can break this silence streak and get the whole class to follow. Just follow these 3 guidelines.

What to do if you are ever stranded in a quiet classroom

  1. Well take this opportunity to finally have your shot at being “that guy”(you know the one person in every class that always has something to say)
  2. Strike up random conversations with any person in the room that’s sitting by you. (you know establish that friendly environment)
  3. Answer any question first, no matter how wrong it is, and make sure you say it with extra enthusiasm (not conventional but it just might stir up a conversation)

What to Really do if ever stranded in a quiet classroom

  1. Assert yourself, and(correctly) answer any question the professor may have for the class
  2. Strike up random conversations with any person in the room that’s sitting by you. (you know establish that friendly environment)
  3. Actually ask questions that you have about the course, or any thing relevant to the class

(oh and if your just socially awkward then click on this link

Completely quiet classrooms are not an idle learning environment, people need to be able to share their ideas and get feedback.Professors want an engaged class, they want your full attention, but never the less people are strange( and so is college: so there will always be that class of people who do not want to be there(and in an act of protest stay completely quiet) and there will always be people like me who ask “WHY?”

(inspired by a “tough audience” in my cultural anthropology class)


Cruises Through Arkansas


All speed ahead, on a day excursion through the Natural State. After a topping off the gas and giving a routine check to see if my vechicle( 99 Red Ford F150 ) is mechanical sound. Now the hardest part of the trip is finding the best route that offers the best views. (If you are too picky with your road trips use this site to help Since I have lived here a good chunk of my life, i tend to lean on personal experience when it comes to matters like these. From russellville we hop on highway 7 to the city of Dover, then at the gas station instead of staying on seven we take an abrupt right and head toward hector, as you will notice when taking roads like these you will find allot less traffic. With less traffic there is more room on the road, which after coming from a congested campus, it feels very welcoming. Outside of hector is when the curves really start to kick in, with recommended speeds as low as 10 mph. It is at this very spot you realize you are in the Ozark National Forrest. The sights of the mountain tops(well if you are from the Rockies you could call them big hills) and the large variety of all the different trees make for a picture perfect moment. The road offers you any direction you want to travel, you can always turn around and go the way you came, or you can venture further out until you cross the Forrest. The road is open to suggestions, but where ever you do go off to don’t miss the sun set.


A shot taken coming back into Russellville


Night at the Kings Bar : Foleys Van

It was as if the sky was falling, the explosion of sound with a lively audience. This was not one of those quiet relaxing nights. As soon as i stepped in the doorway of kings bar with my girl on my side and a pocketful of cash I was initiated into the world of progressive bluegrass. I never was a fan of bluegrass, I was often reluctant to even hear a bluegrass track. That night at Kings bar changed me and for the good, i was never aware of the growing music scene that Arkansas has.