Adventures in Florida

My girlfriend is from Florida and this past summer break, I worked for the Arkansas highway department in Pope county and saved my money. My girlfriend saved her money too, and by the end of summer we were ready for a good week in scenic St. Petersburg Florida. After a 14 hour drive through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and a good chunk of Florida we arrived.

My first visit to the great coastal city and neighboring towns was a great one. My girlfriend ws happy to show me my first publix ( which all floridians love, we got like almost 20 pounds of fresh crab meat for a crab broil.


went to Clear water beach and watched a storm come from the gulf of mexico.

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I am also going back, and will be covering the whole journey right here on “Life through my eyes”  during spring Break which is only 18 days away!– Watch Florida Man!– Floridaman Subreddit!


Highlights of my Cat LuLu

I never consider myself a cat person, but I have always had cats. When I was about in 8th grade one our family friends gave us a cat- he said it was a boy and he named it Moby. Well Mobby started geting a little fat, and surprise! it was a girl! we found out when we heard the faint sound of tiny kittens meowing in my moms closet. Which we all got a kick out of, a girl cat named Moby- and with new born kitens. This was a practical joke gone wrong or something, but we kept her, and over the years she brought more cats into this world than any cat i ever heard of.[She is fixed now, we had to shut that cat factory down]

photo (6)

Eventually, all those cats she gave birth to had manged to spread out across the neighborhood and have kittens of their own, and this where Lulu comes in. Lulu is my original cat’s granddaughter, so this spreads over a couple generations. Moby was a beautiful Siamese cat, but those genes didn’t go directly to her kittens, with LuLu you can tell she a little bit of Siamese in her-

Lulu is full of energy, and she never walks, just bursts into a full sprint at wherever she is going. You could watch her for hours just doing the most random things.

Well here are some Highlights of my cat LuLu! Taken from the many months I have had her-Enjoy!

Space Kitty!

photo (7)photo (8)

photo (10)

luluphoto (11)

Snowfall In Arkansas

Like The Life and Wildlife along the Little Buffalo River put it “It must be spring in NWA!” (

We got alot of good snow this past month, and I even made a snow man(who is still to this day standing). The wheather almost had me fooled ( but the snow was so intense at points where it looked like the sky was falling. We got all types of snow as well, snow for sledding, building snowmen, and the snow that cancels schools(statewide basically). After the snow melted, it took a couple days for this state to thaw out. Then just last night when I thought all the snow had surely went away, we were hit with a surprise snow fall- not but a few measly inches of snow- but at least we can say it was a cool friday.


Good Foods- Tacos 4 Life

Located in Conway Arkansas, right off Oak Street lays the most exuberant Taco Establishment, Tacos for life. Upon first opening the door I saw the portentous restaurant as unique and very welcoming. I was looking at the menu, and i saw  on the wall- that for every meal that you buy, they donate a meal. Which is something I don’t think there is enough of, charity through food! I ordered the steak quesadilla with of course chips and cheese dip!The cashier gave me a beeper so I could know when my food was ready, which I thought was really innovative. You can see the cooks in the back doing a very efficient job, and they don’t seem to be having a bad time either, allot more efficient than any taco bell or mc donalds I’ve been to.

They had their own kind of special cheese dip, along with the chips very crunchy and flavorsome and dipped in the savourous sauce it was like I forgot i ordered my  main food. My beeper starting lighting up and i jumped out of my seat and went straight to the counter.

My food was on what seemed to be a square metal tray, and came pre packed with lime rice. It was superb, a ne plus ultra– and the taste was to the highest degree. The steak quesidilla was above and beyond, the best I have had, and now to this day I can’t eat one at taco bell the same.

It didn’t take me too long to devour my meal, it was too good to eat slow. If you are ever in Conway(Arkansas) then I definitely recommend you go to Tacos For Life! It has a unique atmosphere, the best food and a good location!] []


A Day In The Life-Richard Anderson

[ I would like to introduce yet another new segment called- A Day In The Life- where I interview very interesting people.I am very new to the art of interviewing and for my first Interview, I will be interviewing Richard Anderson of Inuvo-(An affiliate marketing company that operates out of Conway Arkansas ( Mr. Anderson has been working with computers, networks and software development for over 30 years.]

  • (Colt Horton)What was your first job?

(Richard Anderson)Working for my dad at Anderson industrial supply- We sold tools and equipment to manufacturing companies. I ultimately took it over.

(CH)Where do you work at now?

(RA)Inuvo- chief of technology officer

(CH)Richard, how did you start on computers? What drew you in?

(RA)Well, working for my dad, In 1976 worked with a company that manufactured computer controlled machines that were programmed to cut metal parts

(CH)So they had to be very precise I bet.

(RA)Very precision, accurate to .0001 of an inch

(CH)So you must be handy with computers, When Did you make your First website?

(RA)Back in 1995, Ai  I made it with very basic html and back then you didn’t have all the fancy stuff you have today, you didn’t have streaming video,or even a good look to the website.

(CH)What brought you to Arkansas?

(RA)Inuvo, We received money from the state of Arkansas economic counsil

(CH)How much has your company grown since you’ve been here?


(CH)Does Arkansas Have potential to be the next Silicone Valley?

(RA)Potentially, they have enough colleges. The biggest problem is most of the college students who graduate, leave the state of Arkansas for jobs, because there is not enough tech jobs here.

(CH)What characteristics do you look for when considering to hire somebody?

(RA)Passion, sense of humor, I need to feel like they are trustworthy. A good personality, friendly comes in handy too. I also look at educational back ground and experience.

(CH) Do you suggest following your gut feeling when finding a solution?

(RA)Yeah I typically go with my intuition or gut feeling

(CH)Go any handy advice for being susccelful

(RA)Work hard have lots of passion, Never give up. Tenacity.

(CH)How how has Inuvo evolved ?

(RA)During the first part, really the first thing was a merger two companies that primarily developed websites for (community websites) for people to meet- like dating.  Then it became a company on the American stock exchange, We raised money for additional acquisitions and raised capital to purchase other companies.

(CH)Would you call Inuvo a conglomerate?

(RA)No I wouldn’t call it a conglomerate, I mean we bought 12 companies over 2 years and most of the companies we bought did some form of advertising management or online advertising.

(CH)How does the future look for Inuvo?

(RA)Good, we have successfully been profitable for 2 years which is a miracle, we’ve been losing money for the past 10 years  2007- 2013 we have been losing money, but now we are growing and have been successful and profitable

Small Audiences and You

The small time blogger has no large audience, they reach a smaller network of people. Some may get discouraged and give up, and others keep their head down and keep working. For even a small time blogger has something to share with the world. Even though the audience may be small, it doesn’t take away their importance or relevance. Everyone starts out small, you got to start somewhere, even if it is at a word press blog and you might have 5 likes at most. I learned you gotta be happy with what you get, and to work harder to attain more viewership.

The amount of views and likes on any of your posts is the social currency that drives us to post them in the first place. How do most people rake in the views? Well first off, they know heir audience. They know who they are writing it for and they also incorporate Aristotle’s Three artistic proof’s Ethos, Logos, Pathos( either knowingly or unknowingly. To draw in the readers a blogger can write about a niche, or write a how to guide, either way it is all content. All content is useful in some way ( and if it is not, then it teaches you how to NOT write content). This skill of writing content is an art and only takes hard work and experience to even come close to mastering (if that can be done).

Patience is another virtue of good blog writing, coming up in this vast and deep ocean of content, you can’t very well come out number one everyday. You can’t rush into things either, timing in this world is everything. You also can’t be too much in a hurry to post something either, at least have the common decency to look over your material and give it the ‘ol spell-check, and other bad grammar,now i’m not perfect at this subject, and i’m kind of rough around the edges, but I try to at least make it readable.

Small audiences are your base foundation of viewers, and it is where you start. This is your up-bringing in the information age, it is your online acculturation. So take time to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and find out where you can contribute. Build your own network of people, find others that like the same things as you, learn something new!

The Archives: On distraction

[Tucked away in a folder, lays a pile of papers that I have kept over the years of random writings and musings, among the scatter laid an old piece I made a while back about distraction. When writing a paper for my English class I got a case of writers block and got easily distracted. To cure my writers block, I wrote a random article about being distracted. So I present to you not only a new post, but a new segment “The Archives”.]



No words are flying at my head. No thick descriptions or articulate ramblings or even a solid plot could pull away my distraction or my adhd like symptoms. With no straight way of even knowing how to begin, I slowly trudge this Rocky Road, which does keep you ever so distracted on those midnight kitchen raids. But anyway, to the pulp of this Juice. Your Distraction is not the problem, unless you don’t know how to be properly distracted.

Now what was I saying before? See there it goes again, I would prescribe myself with hours of mindless Google searches but it goes without saying, The Rocky Road could very well be on a crocodile’s back. Just when you seem to finally seem near the end of it, reality just snaps its head back and bites down hard. Distraction is such a metaphor.

Well right back to it then, I guess only so much can be said about the subject distraction before one becomes distracted.