The Value of Education–

Here we are on the high tide, a nation of college students- the demand for an education has always seemed like an imperative. In this digital 21st century, all other jobs that you could have to support yourself has since dwindled away- gone are the days of finding a steady job with anything less than a high school diploma. Today you need the training and diploma to get that high paying career you’ve always wished you would land. What is that all worth to you?

At what cost do we value this education? On one hand, you will have to pay exorbitant fees to acquire your education and other the side that education is what secures your future prospect.


If you are going into college with student loans then you should see your future career as a return on investment. While student loans might seem like an oppressive and cruel debt trap, it is often better to see it as an opportunity.

There is an opportunity here with these loans, but it really matters what you do with your diploma. Even if we can’t get approved for a home loan, we can still get approved to get student loans- (that could easily match a home loan ( depends on the location really) , but we get a degree![which will look really good hanging up in your future house}

Charts and Graphs To Illustrate Student Loan Debt-



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