Steak n’ Shake is Coming to Russellville- The Anticipation is Gripping

Russellville is a growing community and since I have attended Tech I have witnessed the expansion of this quaint college town.

Most of the changes I have noticed were on Parkway- first they put in a Buffalo Wild Wings, then this Hibachi grill called Sumo- and now they are putting in my favorite burger joint! (As well as a Chili’s.)

RussVegas is becoming a very prominent town food-wise and it is worth mentioning how annoying it is that there are two Burger Kings, or Mcdonalds, and Wendy’s. There is not much Variety in RussellVille burger wise- just a Noah’s Ark of eaterys, where every thing comes 2 at a time- but if that is how it is here Then BRING ON ANOTHER STEAK’N’STEAK!

Steak’n’Shake is pretty much the only chain restaurant that I can stand- all others I despise (except taco bell, unless it abandons the sriracha quesarito).


All the Good Foods in Pinellas County Fl!

Throughout the springbreak I have had a chance to eat at pinellas county’s finest establishments (food you can’t get in Arkansas). My tour of the county would have be incomplete without visiting these restaurants.

My native Floridian girlfriend has been going on about these delicacies offered by the bay area ever since we’ve been together- and this spring break I got to indulge in this “local” food.

1) Hungary Howies (

This pizzeria puts both Pizza hut and Domino’s to shame! I have ate many a slice of pizza, but none as fine as this. Hungary Howies is good for any occasion,

2) Hooks-St. Pete (

I have never been the biggest fan of sushi, I was a little hesitant when this restaurant was first brought up but after eating a boatload of their sushi I would have to say, it will ruin all other sushi for me because it is so good. The worst part about this sushi bar is that you will have to wait outside in the crowded sidewalk-

3)Tijuana Flats (

Tijuana Flats probably has the best story of how it came to be- which is really interesting. I love the style incorporated in the restaurant. They also have a large selection of hot sauces, and the best  chimichangas in the bay area! Their jalapenos taste so fresh you would think they were homegrown.

4)Crabby Bills (

Located on the sandy shore of St. Pete beach, this joint is always packed and the hardest thing to mange to find was a decent parking space. When we did get to snag a spot by a parking meter, an employee asked us if we wanted a better spot- so crabby bills gave us an impromptu parking spot-which i gotta give props since I had no idea how to . After waiting damn near 40 minutes we were finally seated. The food is piquant and enticingly pleasant- but be prepared to wait around a bit-

Good Foods- Tacos 4 Life

Located in Conway Arkansas, right off Oak Street lays the most exuberant Taco Establishment, Tacos for life. Upon first opening the door I saw the portentous restaurant as unique and very welcoming. I was looking at the menu, and i saw  on the wall- that for every meal that you buy, they donate a meal. Which is something I don’t think there is enough of, charity through food! I ordered the steak quesadilla with of course chips and cheese dip!The cashier gave me a beeper so I could know when my food was ready, which I thought was really innovative. You can see the cooks in the back doing a very efficient job, and they don’t seem to be having a bad time either, allot more efficient than any taco bell or mc donalds I’ve been to.

They had their own kind of special cheese dip, along with the chips very crunchy and flavorsome and dipped in the savourous sauce it was like I forgot i ordered my  main food. My beeper starting lighting up and i jumped out of my seat and went straight to the counter.

My food was on what seemed to be a square metal tray, and came pre packed with lime rice. It was superb, a ne plus ultra– and the taste was to the highest degree. The steak quesidilla was above and beyond, the best I have had, and now to this day I can’t eat one at taco bell the same.

It didn’t take me too long to devour my meal, it was too good to eat slow. If you are ever in Conway(Arkansas) then I definitely recommend you go to Tacos For Life! It has a unique atmosphere, the best food and a good location!] []


Good Foods- La Villa (Russellville Arkansas)

[I would like to introduce a new segment- Good Foods, I will be reviewing restaurants that I believe need a shout out- Today I will be reviewing La villa the Italian restaurant in Russellville, Arkansas.]

It was Valentines day, and I had no plans, no reservations, only Google could help me that night. I didn’t want any McDonalds, or  Burger King; not even Colton’s Steakhouse could be good enough. So, I pulled up all the restaurants in the Russellville area.  One name caught my attention, and it seemed to offer everything I desired in a restaurant. La Villa didn’t seem like another worn out franchise branded restaurant, no it was something else. This restaurant was close to campus and had calamari! and that was enough to bring me in. I of course read the online reviews before i went and saw that a large majority of the people that had went there loved it (

Upon arrival, I heard two Italian cooks screaming at each other(in Italian) while one was walking out the back door to the food storage, and I thought to myself, “my god I did it! I found an authentic Italian restaurant!”. We walked through the viney entrance and opened the door, as expected on a valentine’s day night it was packed. The waitress greeted us and found us proper seating at a booth. The waitress handed us our menu’s and was quick to order our drinks. I opened the menu and ordered my beloved calamari as an appetizer. I remembered how some of the reviews about this restaurant complained that the waitresses were below average on their job skills, but that was not the case here. The waitresses were quick on their feet and handled their customers with fast service, and before I even noticed the calamari was sitting on our table and the waitress was ready to take our order for our main course. My girlfriend ordered the Sea Food Diavolo, and I was in the mood for Fettuccine Alfredo, while we waited for our food we started on our calamari and bread rolls. The fried calamari was amazing, and so was the marinara sauce that came with it. I highly recommend that if you do go to this venue order this item, because by the time you finish it(depending on how hungry you are)your meal will be out, at least that was the case for us.

Our waitress brought out our “Portata Principale”(main course) the strong aroma of this incredible food tantalized me, it was so good, but there was too much to eat in one sitting. You really get what you pay for at La Villa, not only did I eat more than my fill of good Italian food, I also had some to take home. The Alfredo has always kind of been my favorite meal, and La villa made did a commendable job on their fettuccine Alfredo. My girlfriend’s plate of Seafood Diavolo smelled amazing, and I even got a bite, it tasted top drawer and kind of made me jealous that i didn’t order it, I also highly recommend this plate as well ,probably over the Alfredo!


Overall I enjoyed my experience at La villa, whether it be Valentines Day or Any other night of the year, La Villa is perfect for a date night. Good service and fast food at a reasonable price(compared to other Italian restaurants i have been to.) and the waitresses were not at all like how some reviews put it “The worst thing about the restaurant”. They never skipped a beat and were always on task and nice. So if you are ever in Russellville and you have no idea where to eat, you can always try La Villa! –