How to get more Blog Traffic-

Blog traffic on WordPress might be low compared to other mediums- but there are a few tricks to the trade when you want your statistics to bump up a little bit.

Social Media is perfect for sharing all types of things- including your blog, so add a link-


  • Reddit-r/blogtraffic , and any other niche you write about that would be beneficial to a subreddit will most certainly boost your traffic – in fact you would be surprised that most of your referrers will come from Reddit if you post your blog links
  • Facebook- Your friends and family are always on facebook, and might even be willing to share your post and get more people to read it!
  •  Twitter – Those re-tweets can have an impact on your views.

Finally- Finals

The end of the Spring 2015 semester, finals is on the way. Some students are pulling out their hair in stress, and others could care less- and the worst part is, the library is crowded; there are no open vacant and empty floors during finals. Finding a spot at a computer is as much of a menial task as parking here. All around the crowded library you hear the silent murmurs and intelligible babbling of everyone in the room. Throughout this mass congregation of students, are papers being written, material getting studied, and group projects getting straightened out- all while I am churning out blogs to meet the requirements for my mass media class.

The 7 Canons of Journalism and you

The 7 canons of Journalism typifies the function that which all Journalists are under obligation, These well-founded and efficacious guidelines have a broad substratum of truth in it. It serves as a compass for any publishing journalist that wants to embark in this operative and pragmatic industry.

The 7 Canons of Journalism

1) Responsibility

Responsibility is the careful consideration of public welfare, without any malfeasance or exploitation. Without responsibility in media, it would be detrimental to the industry, and hardly reliable.

2)Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press serves as a vital right of mankind, and must always be in the minds of all journalists. Freedom of press always brings forth the freedom of speech. “In no sane world should it be illegal to tell the truth”, and since the famous trial of Peter Zenger( it has held the most intrinsic attribute to journalism, a free press. No successful or fulfilling democracy can operate without a free press. For our country to run efficiently, or even close to what we claim to be, we need to stay informed. We need to know what is going on within and without our country’s borders. It is an imperative pillar of the seven canons and without it- (arguably) the other six wouldn’t exist either. Journalism is the governments unofficial branch that keeps everything in check, and informs the citizens what is going on in the political world. “The fourth estate” in order to work properly it needs freedom of the press.


“Freedom from all obligations except that of fidelity to the public interest is vital” [(direct quote cited from] Media outlets need to independent in form and free from politics and advertisers leading them a screw.

4)Sincerity,Truthfulness, Accuracy 

Good Faith as a foundation of worthy journalism. It needs to depict the true story, otherwise without this canon(of the 7) all journalism would be mere “yellow journalism”(pure sensationalism) and only rile people up.


Media shall hold no bias views, and must write with complete objectivity, otherwise it isn’t a News story, it’s an opinion piece.


No unofficial charges shall affect the moral character of any individual, which includes libel and slanderous statements.


Newspapers or any mass media outlet shall willingly publish that of pure smut,

Without these canons of journalistic chivalry, we wouldn’t nessarliy have a free country. We wouldn’t be informed with reliable information, we wouldn’t know what to think about our country(like we know in the first place).

As “citizens” of the internet we surely do have an influence just as that newspaper, or news channel on the television, whenever we post(or publish) we can reach people, and it is important for us(the internet) to know and understand these 7 canons of Journalism, and apply them to our own lives.

As people on this earth and in this time, we like to capture all around us. So in a very technical way, we are all journalists of our own, capturing the day’s stories- and sharing them among-st each other. Therefore in a light we should always keep(the 7 canons) in mind whenever we share on facebook, twitter, reddit, (etc).

The 7 seven canons play a crucial and unseen role in the media industry(or so they want you to think), its much the Hippocratic oath a doctor takes before becoming a real surgery approved doctor.

Snorida- U.S. 19

The Longest part of the trip was U.S. 19, this long stretch of highway was am interminable treadmill. Five long hours, and at some points, you would think you were going in circles. An effortless deja vu this road was, every 20 mile or so there would be an ephemeral small quaint town. Sometimes you could get lucky and not hit any stoplights, and other times you could be stuck in some disconsolate town for 5 minutes more than you intended.

The Route in-between towns gave opportunity for faster speeds. I wouldn’t drop the gas pedal too far, all along the roads at any moment a Patrolman could waiting for some heedless driver in a hurry to get somewhere. The road did make us anxious, and kept us awake with anticipation- at this point we had been driving for about 11 straight hours.

When we finally reached the 589 toll road, and we jumped on with a sun pass for a more expeditious pace. The sign said 55 miles from Tampa, and at 75 miles an hour our destination wasn’t too far from reach. As we got closer we saw the sparkinging city lights in the distance.

Arkansas to Florida

It was 3:30 in the morning and every one seemed to be sound asleep. When we finnally manged to get ready for the long drive it was about 4, we got to Morrilton(Ar) from Russellville when I realized that I had forgoten my wallet. After my girlfriend went through vigorous means to plan a smooth trip, already we were having a rough start. So we turned around and retrieved my wallet so we could return to the road.

After we got passed the point where we had to turn around at, the race was on to beat the Little Rock traffic. it was 5:45 and we were still in pope county. Figuring as much, we knew that at 7 in the morning the roads would be fit to bust and teeming with vivacity, which would only exasperate us.

For our sake, we managed to get through the construction zone in Little Rock without much discontinuance. The sky was still dark and after we got passed the Rock, we were making good time or at least making up lost time. The semi-trucks dominated the road and at every exit I saw just a long line of trucks parked on the side with the worn out drivers taking a much needed break of rest.

After Traversing through Arkansas we came to the mighty Mississpi River and we were crossing a two lane bridge over and into the great state of Mississipi. Thankfully we found a rest stop, so we could let the two chihuahuas riding with us have  bathroom break. We hit the road again and I was trying to decode the google maps directions, which seemed a little untrustworthy.

Rolling on through the Mississipi, on an angled road, tathered with puddles and wheathred through the years of constant motion. We took a route that placed us right smack dab in the middle of Nowhere, and every now and then you could see the ruins of old barn houses and abandoned general stores. On this Long strectch of Highway(315) the stores are few and far inbetween, and we just hit the hilly part which reminded me Arkansas. It was the Backwoods nonetheless and the trees fill in more of the landscape in these parts of Ms. The roads are littered with potholes and every one drives slow.

We were waiting for the interstate to carry us onward at more respectable pace, we were still stuck on the lonely country highways stuck behind a line of slow moving vechicles. The slowness of theses mississpians could break the leevee of my patience.

Destination: Pinellas County Florida

A roadtrip is before me, and in a matter of a couple of days I will take a voyage to the vibrant city of St.Petersburg Florida. This trip with be a course of over 1000 miles spaning a couple diffrent states- Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and of course Florida, I will also be crossing over a timezone(Time Travel!).

The humble vessel taking us on our momentous journey is a 2009 red Volkswagen Jetta with Arkansas tags. Hunter S. Thompson once said “You can’t cover the American Dream in a fucking Volkswagen!” but I am going to accept that challenge. Whatever I find in Florida, im sure its waiting me along with that sparkling bay off the gulf of mexico.

A warm night

This is the first night that i gotten the chance to enjoy in my shorts and a short sleeve shirt. In Arkansas usually at this time of the year it is bitter cold and always has a large chance of snow.  I am sitting here lounged in a chair outside of my dorm(Critz for the moment) laptop in my lap sucking up this precious wi-fi. I am no stranger to the brutal winters of Arkansas but this year it is different, i can longer rely on some unamed snow storm to shut down my school for a lazy snow day.