Finally- Finals

The end of the Spring 2015 semester, finals is on the way. Some students are pulling out their hair in stress, and others could care less- and the worst part is, the library is crowded; there are no open vacant and empty floors during finals. Finding a spot at a computer is as much of a menial task as parking here. All around the crowded library you hear the silent murmurs and intelligible babbling of everyone in the room. Throughout this mass congregation of students, are papers being written, material getting studied, and group projects getting straightened out- all while I am churning out blogs to meet the requirements for my mass media class.


Minecraft City- “Two Rivers”


I never even intended on making this city it all sort of just happened. I made a random map on mine-craft on creative mode and found that the rivers did not connect, so I spent a good couple of hours connecting the rivers on the map together. There next to one of the rivers was an npc village, so I decided to make a giant building to add to the town. It didn’t take long before I started adding on the village, the whole town became one giant construction project ever since.

I call the city Two Rivers, based on it’s location. It is in between two rivers and mostly in a desert biome. I estimate that there are over 1000(don’t want to be overgenerous here) buildings that are within the city. This project wasn’t built in one night either, I would do little by little each day- so after many month’s of building and connecting two little npc villages together and I have these pictures to show from it.


The only regret from building this city, was that i didn’t make the roads wide enough in most parts of the city. So if you do build cities on mine-craft(assuming that you even play mine-craft) make sure to have wide roads. I sort of just condensed my city but still I always stick to a structured network of streets( which I also recommend). Never make your mine-cart systems too late, In fact make them in the very early stages of development.

The Best of Today’s Psychedelic Music-

I was first Introduced into the world of Psychedelic Music after I had encountered Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We only go backwards” one night on Pandora- and since then I have acquired the love for the genre. I don’t always listen to psychedelic but it is my favorite genre, I love the overall strangeness and mellow vibes of this type of music.

Through my years of jamming out to this genre I have come across 5 bands that I think are the staples of this music, and have included a links to several Music Videos on youtube-

1) The Growlers

Coming straight out of Cali, the growlers was formed in 2006 and have quite a track record, On a side note They are playing at Wakarusa( this year, they are a truly remarkable band-

Notable Tracks- Burden of the captain(link above), Old Cold River

2) Allah Las

Allah Las is an extraordinary line-up that is from the California sun as well as the growlers- They are a mystical and  apprehensible band and have patented their own style. Most importantly, they are a band that even sound good live!

Notable Songs- No Voodoo(link below), Sacred Sands, Follow you down, Artifact, (No Voodoo) (Tell me whats on your mind)

3) Tame Impala

This Legendary Australian band has defined today’s psychedelia, Tame impala has an arresting sound, and is relatable – (Their best Album to Date(opinion)) is Lonerism,

4) Mac Demarco

Mac can lay down some truly remarkable tracks- the Canada born musician is the most unique and strange character on the sound-waves and He Is definitely worth Listening to- His song writing is Gilt-edged, a topflight act that is out of this world and bound to be world famous- (ode to Viceroy) (cooking up something good)

5) Blackfeet Braves

The opening riff to this song will make you instantly hooked to the song- Blackfeet Braves have an incredible instrumentation and collaboration– (oh so fine)

Psychedelia is worth the exploration and these Band’s make it a worthy adversary among st the all others, and make this genre relevant.

The 7 Canons of Journalism and you

The 7 canons of Journalism typifies the function that which all Journalists are under obligation, These well-founded and efficacious guidelines have a broad substratum of truth in it. It serves as a compass for any publishing journalist that wants to embark in this operative and pragmatic industry.

The 7 Canons of Journalism

1) Responsibility

Responsibility is the careful consideration of public welfare, without any malfeasance or exploitation. Without responsibility in media, it would be detrimental to the industry, and hardly reliable.

2)Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press serves as a vital right of mankind, and must always be in the minds of all journalists. Freedom of press always brings forth the freedom of speech. “In no sane world should it be illegal to tell the truth”, and since the famous trial of Peter Zenger( it has held the most intrinsic attribute to journalism, a free press. No successful or fulfilling democracy can operate without a free press. For our country to run efficiently, or even close to what we claim to be, we need to stay informed. We need to know what is going on within and without our country’s borders. It is an imperative pillar of the seven canons and without it- (arguably) the other six wouldn’t exist either. Journalism is the governments unofficial branch that keeps everything in check, and informs the citizens what is going on in the political world. “The fourth estate” in order to work properly it needs freedom of the press.


“Freedom from all obligations except that of fidelity to the public interest is vital” [(direct quote cited from] Media outlets need to independent in form and free from politics and advertisers leading them a screw.

4)Sincerity,Truthfulness, Accuracy 

Good Faith as a foundation of worthy journalism. It needs to depict the true story, otherwise without this canon(of the 7) all journalism would be mere “yellow journalism”(pure sensationalism) and only rile people up.


Media shall hold no bias views, and must write with complete objectivity, otherwise it isn’t a News story, it’s an opinion piece.


No unofficial charges shall affect the moral character of any individual, which includes libel and slanderous statements.


Newspapers or any mass media outlet shall willingly publish that of pure smut,

Without these canons of journalistic chivalry, we wouldn’t nessarliy have a free country. We wouldn’t be informed with reliable information, we wouldn’t know what to think about our country(like we know in the first place).

As “citizens” of the internet we surely do have an influence just as that newspaper, or news channel on the television, whenever we post(or publish) we can reach people, and it is important for us(the internet) to know and understand these 7 canons of Journalism, and apply them to our own lives.

As people on this earth and in this time, we like to capture all around us. So in a very technical way, we are all journalists of our own, capturing the day’s stories- and sharing them among-st each other. Therefore in a light we should always keep(the 7 canons) in mind whenever we share on facebook, twitter, reddit, (etc).

The 7 seven canons play a crucial and unseen role in the media industry(or so they want you to think), its much the Hippocratic oath a doctor takes before becoming a real surgery approved doctor.

Keep an eye on the Future

Ever wonder what the future holds for us with at least semi- accurate predictions? Well look no further, Future TimeLine ( can provide you with a basic glimpse into the future. The proclaiming statements this website has made are a head tilter none the less, but it is a relevant question we all should ponder on every once in awhile: What is the future going to be like?:

According to future timeline ( the 2020’s will be the real start to the “World Oil Crisis”, Internet usage will be at 5 billion,and we will have a cure for malaria. This website is only just a telescope looking into the presumed future, meaning some the things on future timeline may or may not happen, but it is still nonetheless very interesting, especially when you get deeper into the future.

Apparenly some time in the early 2090’s West Antarctica will be one of the fastest growing areas in the world (

Tired of “working” for a living? Well no worry! In 2200, traditional occupations will be obsolete! Just Hang on there!

Try this site out, It will perplex you as well as waste an easy 30 minutes.

Give Back To Your Community-ATU

Why not?

I want to give back to the community, but i don’t want to get all braggy with it, and I also don’t want to join some group for it, I’d rather just make my own group entirely- Instead I am going to employ my own idea of how I should give back-

Since Arkansas is “The Natural State”- why not live up to those standards? Why not pick up trash? I’ll start small- like at tech(Arkansas Tech University) and get a couple trash bags and get to work.

When you are out there on the roads, keep in mind to keep in mind not to throw trash out the window, not because it is against the law; but because it is bad for the environment- so it’s against the law.

It would be an ironic gesture for an Arkansan from “The Natural State” to be tossing trash out the window anyways,

So do your community a favor sometime, maybe do some recycling from time to time, maybe not text and drive(It can wait!), compliment someone, give better tips at restaurants, smile, help someone in need- all these small actions have such a profound effect in any thriving community.

The Informal Closing

[Informal Closing- Letter to Tech Students/On a side Note]

Give Back to the Community-ATU

Tech Students, I know you are already really good at picking up your trash and using the trash can to dispense of your litter- but still keep in mind to keep in mind.

-If you really want to give back to the community,first find what you want to change, if they don’t have a club that does what you want to do- then make your own. Don’t be afraid to put yourselves into uncomfortable situations to achieve your goals. It’s not as hard as you think it is, but it still kinda is(life is just weird like that).Still though, keep up the good work-

Your Friend

Colt Horton

-Universal Studios-Orlando, Florida

In the middle of Florida, far from any beach lies the home of many theme parks. The traffic is outrageous for both driving and walking. As soon as I stepped foot into Universal Studios I found out the solution to the outrageous conditions: a moving walkway. There was massive congregation of people when we arrived at the foyer, the concourse was thick and evenly dispersed in the entrance hall. This enterprising theme park was hearty and filled to the brim, with an ardent and heedless populous.

Troves of people crowd the streets, even something as simple as ordering a cup of coffee became difficult, the adamant and contumacious people formed long lines in a perfunctory fashion. Every building on the premises was filled to the rafters, and every line to any ride could have you sardined in place with no exit strategy.