Expand your Vocabulary- /A nice compiled list of words for reference/

How big is your vocabulary? Most native speakers of English only have a limited vocabulary of a meager 20,000 words- and most of the time we use less than half of that. Learning new words not only benefits you in general, it adds spice to any paper you might have to type up, you can actually sound smart insulting some one using your expanded vocabulary.

So how big is the English Language? According to the Language Monitor the English language has as many as 1,025,109.8 words (http://www.languagemonitor.com/number-of-words/number-of-words-in-the-english-language-1008879/)

So how can you learn new words? How do you attain this proficiency, or even come close to that number?

I have a bona fide method myself that has passed the test of time. I really just read any book (those old Philosophy books are perfect) I’ll underline any obscure or strange word, look them up and write them down- eventually I use them on a daily  basis. Knowing allot of words is more than just recognizing, its the application of these words that put you into real perspective as a writer.

Try using some of these words for next paper, blog post, etc. you have to write- You would be surprised just how powerful these words can be.

  • Flaccid- soft, hanging loosely
  • Disseminating- to spread or disperse
  • Generative-relating to or capable of producing or reproducing
  • Effervescent- giving off bubbles, fizzy
  • Unequivocally- leaving no doubt
  • Resplendent-Attractive and impressive
  • Befitting- gerund or present participle
  • Supplementally- added to something else to make it complete
  • Primogenitory- First born or eldest child of the same parents
  • Procure- obtain, especially with care
  • Hanker- to feel a strong desire to do something
  • Ignominious- deserving or causing public disgrace
  • Brooded- to think deeply about something that makes one unhappy
  • Multitudinous- very numerous
  • Toil- to work extremely hard
  • Abscond- to leave hurriedly
  • Accouterments- articles of clothing
  • Affable- Easy and Pleasant to talk to, approachable
  • Agrestic- rural, rustic
  • Aplomb- self confident
  • Apolaustic- devoted to enjoyment
  • Bereft- deprived of something
  • Boeotian- stupid, dull
  • Chauvinistic- aggressively or fanatically patriotic
  • Chthonic- of or related to the underworld
  • Concatenate- to connect or link in chain
  • Dearth- a scarce supply
  • Defenestrate- to throw out the window
  • Dollop- a shapeless mass or blob
  • Euphony- agreeable sound
  • Exiguous- meager
  • Facetious- playfully Jocular, Humorous

Other Resources

http://www.thesaurus.com/ – The best Online Thesarus

http://www.vocabula.com/vrbestwords.asp – A fine collection of  rarely used words


Learning new words requires devotion, and above all improves your capability to create readable works- it adds more description, it lights the path and guides the reader. So never stop, in fact- learn a new word every day.




Walking was never our first option,and what drove us to walk was out of pure boredom- It was My friend, My girlfriend and myself on that night, walking in my gf’s neighborhood to this cemetery where an alleged geocaching site was. I decided to record the whole thing on voice memo with my iphone just to see if I could pick up any thing that was, you know “un-human”.

After almost a mile of walking, we had just got to the cemetery- My friend and I were discussing on what the proper pronunciation for the German philosopher Immanuel Kant was, and before we could step foot into the cemetery  I turn around and notice my girlfriend in full sprint the opposite way towards her house.

When we got back to her house, I saw that she was in a state of shock. She had witnessed some thing of super natural nature. Her eyes were big- her face was pale and the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up. The question appeared right before ourselves: What Happened, say I wanna know? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTmDJ1Q4Fdk&list=PLaBC9XIcyhoFD-KDXkvv5tue7uOnCVVUn&index=5)

That was when I referred to my voice memo in my phone(my fancy Iphone 3gs) after skipping through all of the long drawn out recording, I found something that had taken all of our attentions hostage. It stroke a little fear in me at first i’m not going to lie, Click on the link above- after I say “I feel a presence” (which I have no idea why I said that) you hear this sinister nightmarish breathing. The sound of it was revolting and appalling, enough to make us want nothing to do with that cemetery, let alone any cemetery.

The spring rains

In between seasons at the moment here in Arkansas, after months of seemingly endless brutal and bitter winter days, we have seem to reach the end of this trend. Replace the snow with an immense and sudden rain to summon the green and bring us back into those easygoing spring mornings. The birds are back from their long migration, and some animals are even coming out of hibernation.

Springtime in Arkansas is my favorite time of the year by any means, the cool and tempting waters are there after many swimless months, and the outside seems more welcoming. Outside these doors you see nature coming back to life in full swing.

Your brain on Trivia Crack!

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Of course you notice this display of gamery amongst all kinds of people. If you randomly glance at people’s phones, then they is a good chance you might find someone staring at their phone with a blank face trying to come up with an answer to a trivia crack game. If you do play trivia crack, you could be walking down the street playing a game of trivia crack and seeing that same person staring blank at their phone, and not even know you are playing against them. that is the glory of Trivia crack, at the same it gives you the chance to play against random opponents, it lets you pick your opponents as well.

So check out some trivia crack, and you do already have it then play against me- Consider this a challenge, if you want to play an honest game of trivia crack than submit a comment below. I’m not sure you will ever really encounter a challenge like this browsing on wordpress either-

Snowfall In Arkansas

Like The Life and Wildlife along the Little Buffalo River put it “It must be spring in NWA!” (http://little-buffalo.com/2015/02/28/snow-overnight-last-night-ice-today-and-tomorrow-then-thunderstorms-on-monday/)

We got alot of good snow this past month, and I even made a snow man(who is still to this day standing). The wheather almost had me fooled (https://wordpress.com/post/82801760/58/) but the snow was so intense at points where it looked like the sky was falling. We got all types of snow as well, snow for sledding, building snowmen, and the snow that cancels schools(statewide basically). After the snow melted, it took a couple days for this state to thaw out. Then just last night when I thought all the snow had surely went away, we were hit with a surprise snow fall- not but a few measly inches of snow- but at least we can say it was a cool friday.


A Day In The Life-Richard Anderson

[ I would like to introduce yet another new segment called- A Day In The Life- where I interview very interesting people.I am very new to the art of interviewing and for my first Interview, I will be interviewing Richard Anderson of Inuvo-(An affiliate marketing company that operates out of Conway Arkansas (http://www.inuvo.com/)) Mr. Anderson has been working with computers, networks and software development for over 30 years.]

  • (Colt Horton)What was your first job?

(Richard Anderson)Working for my dad at Anderson industrial supply- We sold tools and equipment to manufacturing companies. I ultimately took it over.

(CH)Where do you work at now?

(RA)Inuvo- chief of technology officer

(CH)Richard, how did you start on computers? What drew you in?

(RA)Well, working for my dad, In 1976 worked with a company that manufactured computer controlled machines that were programmed to cut metal parts

(CH)So they had to be very precise I bet.

(RA)Very precision, accurate to .0001 of an inch

(CH)So you must be handy with computers, When Did you make your First website?

(RA)Back in 1995, Ai supply.com  I made it with very basic html and back then you didn’t have all the fancy stuff you have today, you didn’t have streaming video,or even a good look to the website.

(CH)What brought you to Arkansas?

(RA)Inuvo, We received money from the state of Arkansas economic counsil

(CH)How much has your company grown since you’ve been here?


(CH)Does Arkansas Have potential to be the next Silicone Valley?

(RA)Potentially, they have enough colleges. The biggest problem is most of the college students who graduate, leave the state of Arkansas for jobs, because there is not enough tech jobs here.

(CH)What characteristics do you look for when considering to hire somebody?

(RA)Passion, sense of humor, I need to feel like they are trustworthy. A good personality, friendly comes in handy too. I also look at educational back ground and experience.

(CH) Do you suggest following your gut feeling when finding a solution?

(RA)Yeah I typically go with my intuition or gut feeling

(CH)Go any handy advice for being susccelful

(RA)Work hard have lots of passion, Never give up. Tenacity.

(CH)How how has Inuvo evolved ?

(RA)During the first part, really the first thing was a merger two companies that primarily developed websites for (community websites) for people to meet- like dating.  Then it became a company on the American stock exchange, We raised money for additional acquisitions and raised capital to purchase other companies.

(CH)Would you call Inuvo a conglomerate?

(RA)No I wouldn’t call it a conglomerate, I mean we bought 12 companies over 2 years and most of the companies we bought did some form of advertising management or online advertising.

(CH)How does the future look for Inuvo?

(RA)Good, we have successfully been profitable for 2 years which is a miracle, we’ve been losing money for the past 10 years  2007- 2013 we have been losing money, but now we are growing and have been successful and profitable

A Sunny yet Cold Day

The morning sun, ice still on the ground and people were trudging to class in an unwilling manner, myself included. For the unprepared not having dressed in layers, waking up to a bitter cold morning would be a nightmare. The first steps outside on polar mornings like these is the worst. A strong headwind full of fierce brutal winds is the universe’s way of saying good morning, and you only want to turn around and go back inside at this point. But When those tardy s add up, there is no turning back so you trudge on, and try to get to class as fast as you can. The headwinds make it impossible, and if your the unlucky one running against it, your face will probably get a mild case of Frost bite. The most paradoxical thing about this day. is that it is a sunny beautiful day, and if you had no senses or even nerves, you wouldn’t know the difference ( except for the fact that you would see people in coats, that would probably be a good indicator).