Expand your Vocabulary- /A nice compiled list of words for reference/

How big is your vocabulary? Most native speakers of English only have a limited vocabulary of a meager 20,000 words- and most of the time we use less than half of that. Learning new words not only benefits you in general, it adds spice to any paper you might have to type up, you can actually sound smart insulting some one using your expanded vocabulary.

So how big is the English Language? According to the Language Monitor the English language has as many as 1,025,109.8 words (http://www.languagemonitor.com/number-of-words/number-of-words-in-the-english-language-1008879/)

So how can you learn new words? How do you attain this proficiency, or even come close to that number?

I have a bona fide method myself that has passed the test of time. I really just read any book (those old Philosophy books are perfect) I’ll underline any obscure or strange word, look them up and write them down- eventually I use them on a daily  basis. Knowing allot of words is more than just recognizing, its the application of these words that put you into real perspective as a writer.

Try using some of these words for next paper, blog post, etc. you have to write- You would be surprised just how powerful these words can be.

  • Flaccid- soft, hanging loosely
  • Disseminating- to spread or disperse
  • Generative-relating to or capable of producing or reproducing
  • Effervescent- giving off bubbles, fizzy
  • Unequivocally- leaving no doubt
  • Resplendent-Attractive and impressive
  • Befitting- gerund or present participle
  • Supplementally- added to something else to make it complete
  • Primogenitory- First born or eldest child of the same parents
  • Procure- obtain, especially with care
  • Hanker- to feel a strong desire to do something
  • Ignominious- deserving or causing public disgrace
  • Brooded- to think deeply about something that makes one unhappy
  • Multitudinous- very numerous
  • Toil- to work extremely hard
  • Abscond- to leave hurriedly
  • Accouterments- articles of clothing
  • Affable- Easy and Pleasant to talk to, approachable
  • Agrestic- rural, rustic
  • Aplomb- self confident
  • Apolaustic- devoted to enjoyment
  • Bereft- deprived of something
  • Boeotian- stupid, dull
  • Chauvinistic- aggressively or fanatically patriotic
  • Chthonic- of or related to the underworld
  • Concatenate- to connect or link in chain
  • Dearth- a scarce supply
  • Defenestrate- to throw out the window
  • Dollop- a shapeless mass or blob
  • Euphony- agreeable sound
  • Exiguous- meager
  • Facetious- playfully Jocular, Humorous

Other Resources

http://www.thesaurus.com/ – The best Online Thesarus

http://www.vocabula.com/vrbestwords.asp – A fine collection of  rarely used words


Learning new words requires devotion, and above all improves your capability to create readable works- it adds more description, it lights the path and guides the reader. So never stop, in fact- learn a new word every day.


Give Back To Your Community-ATU

Why not?

I want to give back to the community, but i don’t want to get all braggy with it, and I also don’t want to join some group for it, I’d rather just make my own group entirely- Instead I am going to employ my own idea of how I should give back-

Since Arkansas is “The Natural State”- why not live up to those standards? Why not pick up trash? I’ll start small- like at tech(Arkansas Tech University) and get a couple trash bags and get to work.

When you are out there on the roads, keep in mind to keep in mind not to throw trash out the window, not because it is against the law; but because it is bad for the environment- so it’s against the law.

It would be an ironic gesture for an Arkansan from “The Natural State” to be tossing trash out the window anyways,

So do your community a favor sometime, maybe do some recycling from time to time, maybe not text and drive(It can wait!), compliment someone, give better tips at restaurants, smile, help someone in need- all these small actions have such a profound effect in any thriving community.

The Informal Closing

[Informal Closing- Letter to Tech Students/On a side Note]

Give Back to the Community-ATU

Tech Students, I know you are already really good at picking up your trash and using the trash can to dispense of your litter- but still keep in mind to keep in mind.

-If you really want to give back to the community,first find what you want to change, if they don’t have a club that does what you want to do- then make your own. Don’t be afraid to put yourselves into uncomfortable situations to achieve your goals. It’s not as hard as you think it is, but it still kinda is(life is just weird like that).Still though, keep up the good work-

Your Friend

Colt Horton