Steak n’ Shake is Coming to Russellville- The Anticipation is Gripping

Russellville is a growing community and since I have attended Tech I have witnessed the expansion of this quaint college town.

Most of the changes I have noticed were on Parkway- first they put in a Buffalo Wild Wings, then this Hibachi grill called Sumo- and now they are putting in my favorite burger joint! (As well as a Chili’s.)

RussVegas is becoming a very prominent town food-wise and it is worth mentioning how annoying it is that there are two Burger Kings, or Mcdonalds, and Wendy’s. There is not much Variety in RussellVille burger wise- just a Noah’s Ark of eaterys, where every thing comes 2 at a time- but if that is how it is here Then BRING ON ANOTHER STEAK’N’STEAK!

Steak’n’Shake is pretty much the only chain restaurant that I can stand- all others I despise (except taco bell, unless it abandons the sriracha quesarito).


All the Good Foods in Pinellas County Fl!

Throughout the springbreak I have had a chance to eat at pinellas county’s finest establishments (food you can’t get in Arkansas). My tour of the county would have be incomplete without visiting these restaurants.

My native Floridian girlfriend has been going on about these delicacies offered by the bay area ever since we’ve been together- and this spring break I got to indulge in this “local” food.

1) Hungary Howies (

This pizzeria puts both Pizza hut and Domino’s to shame! I have ate many a slice of pizza, but none as fine as this. Hungary Howies is good for any occasion,

2) Hooks-St. Pete (

I have never been the biggest fan of sushi, I was a little hesitant when this restaurant was first brought up but after eating a boatload of their sushi I would have to say, it will ruin all other sushi for me because it is so good. The worst part about this sushi bar is that you will have to wait outside in the crowded sidewalk-

3)Tijuana Flats (

Tijuana Flats probably has the best story of how it came to be- which is really interesting. I love the style incorporated in the restaurant. They also have a large selection of hot sauces, and the best  chimichangas in the bay area! Their jalapenos taste so fresh you would think they were homegrown.

4)Crabby Bills (

Located on the sandy shore of St. Pete beach, this joint is always packed and the hardest thing to mange to find was a decent parking space. When we did get to snag a spot by a parking meter, an employee asked us if we wanted a better spot- so crabby bills gave us an impromptu parking spot-which i gotta give props since I had no idea how to . After waiting damn near 40 minutes we were finally seated. The food is piquant and enticingly pleasant- but be prepared to wait around a bit-